Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Redux...

Thanksgiving started out with the Turkey Trot that we do annually. Somehow I agreed to trot with my friend's little girl which I was okay with because I figured that we could run in sync...
:) Well a cousin came along as well who has run only a few days in her life - and well I am not sure that a 5k was a good initiation for her! But nonetheless, we did it and I think she can be proud of herself for finishing. I basically was only able to fast walk with her and at times not even fast walk...gahhhh!!! 44 minutes! not even a time I want to record!! But this Saturday I am going to do my own 5k during my husband's half marathon. He won't even know I am gone!!
I am no where near where I wanted to be, but I will keep on trying. Running is such a head game and I really need to wrap my brain and lungs around it. I want to "just do it" like Nike says.

Dinner was just fine, family and some flirting happend at our table which made for some fun times!! My sister brought a friend of hers - Anton from Russia. Well he instantly focused in on our little Lauren. Later that nite at the movies, Jan informed me that Anton thought Lauren was a cutie! We already knew that! But it was cute and so had fun with it. I am not sure that it will ever go anywhere but it made for a spicier cup of hot chocolate watching a boy liking a girl...Kind of made me feel young again.

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