Wednesday, February 10, 2010


40 is one of my favorite U2 songs.

But, I have always looked to the "other 40" with great angst

Kind of like that test that you know is coming - that you know you have to study for, but haven't yet...well that is how I have felt about 40.

Last nite while getting my gray hairs removed/camouflaged, I told my friend Donna that I was mourning the passing of my youth - or that my 40th birthday was this week. She said "Patti! Dont you know that 40 is the new 20!?! Girl, it's all in your head!!"

Oh I like this! So, I am about to turn 20 tomorrow. How cool! I can redo all that I screwed up whilst in my 20's - now in my 40's. I have actually already started. I am finishing my degree, I am working on my amazing physical transformation (diet), I am passionately pursuing adoption and/or fertility, I am renewing my relationship with my sister and brother. So perhaps this year I will send out Christmas cards with something neat to put in it like my friends send to me.

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Jeanette said...

You go girl! And 40 is the new 20 only we're so much smarter and well adjusted at 40 so it's even better than 20. Trust me 40 really is fabulous! Have the best birthday ever!!!

P.S. I can't hear a U2 song without thinking of you. I remember their posters hanging all over (well your side at least) our room. So fun.