Saturday, December 18, 2010


Apparently - when you are 18 and in college, you need to have self-discipline?!? You cannot move 2000 miles away and screw around and expect it to positively impact your life...? What the ????

So, fast forward 20 years and I have some scholastic repenting to complete. OH Why oh why couldn't I have been more focused on school and figured out what I wanted to be when I was 18??

Ahhh well, Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology are more fun now than they EVER could have been back then! I am on my way to completing my nursing degree. I have completed the requirements to apply; but now I need one "A" to UP my GPA from way-back-when - because the only thing I had right at 18 was screwing around - in the most innocent way, of course. :)


Erika said...

Well, you did make lasting friendships way back when...that's an acheivement!

Herbsgirl said...

That is a far greater achievement than school for sure!! perhaps i should have clarified. Sorry...I couldnt have survived Rexburg without.