Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things about me...

I feel a little self-centered but, ahh well, who cares!

Here are 25 Things About Me

1. I am highly superstitious - I believe I jinx things all the time

2. I want to be a "runner" and really try to not practically pass out after 5 minutes max at a time of running. Shooting for a 10k in October or half marathon...i am out of breath just thinking about it!

3. I want so badly to be FLATCHESTED. As a teenager, I looked on enviously at ballerinas with their flat chests and was very covetous of them and their lack of jigglies on top.

4. I love the store Anthropologie, but I am far too anal to decorate my home that way...I would always be tidying up all the beautiful shabby vintage stuff...oh, and it is too expensive for me, so I just go in there to fantasize.

5. I have a going to bed ritual...I check all the doors to make sure they are locked, cabinet doors are all closed, and then go out in my jammies to look at the stars and get a breath of fresh air before going to sleep.

6. I HATE cats! We had a neighborhood cat who always slept under my car and I would cuss, yell at, and chase it - eventually it ended up dying behind a bush under our kitchen window...i only feel a little bad...wonder if my bad vibes killed it? My little granddaughter Madison saw the cat one day - while it was still among the living, and ran to me to let me know the "Damn Cat" was in the back yard! oops!!

7. I want to be a nurse.

8. I cry at the drop of a hat...frusterated, angry, sad, happy, laughing...let the floodgates open!!

9. We had a lot of animals growing up and my favorite were goats. The baby goats always seemed to be born around my birthday and I loved bringing them in from the cold to warm them by the fire...hated the chickens - ohhh how their poop stinks.

10. I have a Diet Coke ADDICTION...

11. I love snow and the quietness of the world after a snowfall.

12. Gardening brings me peace, love having my hands dirty!

13. Love the smell of an iron and spray starch.

14. I get REALLY EXCITED when a hurricane is pointing toward Florida, I go in emergency mode and double check batteries, water supply and canned food, ice, and house cleaning/laundry. I love to see the rain and wind. But the aftermath...'nother story.

15. I want to go back to Paris and see it again now as an adult - not a 17yr old...

16. I love cemeteries. I love to look at old gravestones, some are quite beautiful I like trying finding stones that tell stories of lives and loves. Savannah Georgia has the COOLEST cemetery.

17. I am adopted. No real desire to search out my birthparents. My parents did go to the courthouse a few years ago and brought me some really cool non-identifying info on mine and my siblings adoptions...that is all i needed.

18. I want to be a mom.

19. I am very in love with my best buddy.... We have a banter that some think is fighting, it's not, just our way of communicating, mom. ;0

20. I am loyal - sometimes to a fault.

21. I am very forgiving/accepting. There is really only one person, who I can't let go of resentment towards. I am working on it though...

22. Staying in touch with friend is very hard for me. I don't feel like I have a lot to update people on. But I do love to hear from them.

23. I would rather have people over than going to their house...homebody.

24. I am afraid of a loved one dying in a car accident...main source of my nightmares.

25. Tired of talking about myself!

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Erika said...

I learned a lot about you. Thanks for taking the time to talk about yourself.