Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December, Velsor-Style!!

This should be before the last post but I hadn't downloaded the just pretend that this is first...

This year we kept it all lo-key. It was nice. Here are some of the highlights of December. Just a few...

First to kick off the Christmas Season, my "grand daughter" Autym (aka: Sizzy) had her Christmas Concert. Yes, I am a grandma-esque character. Herb has 3 children and the oldest has 3 beautiful little girls Madison, Autym and Jocelyn. I am "Mepaw". Something close to Grandma, but different...I am more immature!! She was over and practicing for her Christmas program one evening...with some unwanted help from her sister...

(Mute Blog music at bottom first)

Now, I am always trying to get a better shot, being the amateur videographer that I am (dramamine needed for most of my videos), and well I went for the BIG ONE this time. I went right over to the row of pews close to Autym and waited for her big moment, Her "trip" to the stage...

I felt awful, between laughing!!! I waited for someone from her school to help but I ended up helping her get her tinsel and sparkley shoes back on - she sang like an angel.

I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house, but too chicken, but this year I figured "what the heck". As I am rolling out the dough, Michael informed me that he wanted a gingerbread cookie, but refused to eat a gingerbread "boy" so I made him an anatomically correct "girl", Ginger. Side note for next time, when baking, dough SWELLS!!! hee hee

Lauren made a friend for Ginger, George. I don't know how they became mer-folks, but it just evolved...The house, needed windows so we crushed hard candy and made windows...

but oops! some were the roof! So, we have very pretty preppy skylights as well as windows!

Don't worry Martha, your job is secure!

I never finished the house completely, December in Florida, well, it is freakin' humid and my little windows started to run one day and it looked more like a haunted house so it found a new home, in my trash...try again next year. And December in Florida, we were able to be out in the yard A LOT over break...The girls came over one day and I bought them all their own balls (gotta avoid fighting) and it was a good day.
This is Jocie vs. ball:

Madi vs me

The Wonderful Auntie Lauren and Madi

Here is our anorexia Christmas Tree. Unlike my booty, anorexia tree doesn't increase in size as you progress lower, this is as wide as she gets!

I got it at Old Time Pottery long long ago for super cheap one year - and well, cheap is the operative word this year - so out with the overpriced real tree from the lot, and in with tacky anorexia tree!

This is for everyone up north...Florida at Christmas...

December, very lo-key. Nice.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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