Monday, January 5, 2009

Reflections Resolution, Renewal

So the Holidays are officially over! Time for reflection, resolutions, and renewal...
Not unlike most, 2008 has been pretty trying. There was the always challenging income stream, mild-health scares, family "fun", wanting a to have a baby, etc... - the list could go on and on. BUT 2008 was a wonderful year in many ways...

  • I became Young Women's President - Love the Girls! They have such a vitality and fun spirit about them.
    Some of us saying bye to Sister Sackett in the front row middle

Service Project wearing our t-shirts that we made - they say "1heart"

Me with Heather, probably one of the few pictures i will post of me, cause you can't see too much of me. There is just too much...

  • Had a fantastic Garden and was able to can and preserve lots of stuff. Preserve more than canned...but 2009 is the year to conquer the Canner!

  • Celebrated 11 wonderful Years with Herb. I LOVE this guy.

  • Herb's youngest Graduated High School and started at University of South Florida! Go Lauren!!
  • Took an amazing trip with Herb to Asheville.
  • Completed a sprint triathlon...swim 1/4 mile, bike 13 miles, run 3 miles.
  • Connected with some old friends and made some new.
  • Another year with my mom, 3 years post-liver transplant and she is still doing pretty well. This is a miracle considering they gave her 6 months without a transplant - I tear up contemplating the odds there. She is amazing and my inspiration.
  • Experienced what I consider a miracle with a breast cancer scare. GET YOUR TA TAs Checked regularly!!!
And now for some

  • Record my parents personal history.
  • Re-do my personal progress - so much has changed since 19$%, that it wouldn't hurt to uhhh do a "re-do"
  • Another sprint Triathlon, and prepare for a half marathon in fall.
  • Conquer my fear of Home Canning and preserve more of my green beans and tomatoes. I have an irrational fear of the pressure canner.
  • Finish my prerequisites for Nursing School. just 3 classes
  • Attend the Temple at least once a month with my hubby.
  • Make more homemade meals...Thanks to the Economy this is a necessity AND one of my friends is making all of her bread...well, I could at least make 25% of the bread we consume - perhaps?
I better stop before I get overwhelmed...too late.
Ok, so I have a room that I refer to as the "pit of despair" well I have started "gutting" it and will be putting up shelving for Storage and Organizing my crafty-esque stuff. I just might post before and after pictures if i am brave enough. Truly the Albino from Princess Bride; his pit of despair, has NOTHING on me.
Enough of this...Here's to 2009!!!

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Erika said... are doing amazing things. I can a lot but I don't use a pressure canner, just a regular old water bath canner and it works great for tomatoes, worth a try if you aren't ready for scary stuff yet.